Prayer for a better personal
relationship with God
Below is a formated prayer, where you fill in the names and
circumstances which apply directly to you as you pray, or print it off
and write it in, copy it to your computer type in the names and pray
as led, and share and or modify it as necessary. Always be led by
God. You are free to use and replicate this and all other formated
prayers as necessary, please keep in mind the effort and time that
went into making them, and pray for the writers, and if so led by God
feel free to support this ministry of prayer here.

Heavenly Father in Jesus precious name I come before you, asking you to  only
from living in sin, but holding others sins against them. God I am your humble
servant, on life to you, and I know since then I have not been perfect.  I have fallen
in the areas  of _________________ and  __________________________ ,
and as I confess _________________ and  __________________________ ,
and as these two issues to you, I know these are not all that I need to work on I
confess or admit, but I pray that you help me to focus on these two and get them
under your control, and help me to have a continual attitude of growth and
improvement. God even as I walk by faith in this, I believe the closer I get the
more I will know it is real.  I will feel  you, sense you, and be in communion with
you. God I pray that I learn to agree with you, that I learn your standard of
perfection and know that even though I fall short, you love me, you will never stop
loving me. I pray that I know you, Jesus, not only as a savior, but as my Lord.
That I submit to you in all things and welcome you into my heart and that you will
have free reign in every aspect of my life. That no matter the dark place in my
heart and mind that I think I can hide things from the world, I can never hide them
from you. You see me in truth, complete and bare, and the shame that must be
removed. I pray that I no longer look back, but strain forward in Christ Jesus to
what and whom  you have called me to be and to do. God I dedicate this part of
my house to you, my _____________________________, will be the area set
apart to read and to study, my whole house is yours, but this will be my
sanctuary, my meeting place with you oh Lord,where I listen to songs that exalt
you, where I read the written Word, where I pray, where I listen, where I
fellowship, where I journal our walk together. God discipline me, for every loving
Father disciplines the child they love. I am your child, I pray that my walk grows
closer and truer to you Father. I pray Jesus Christ is the head of my life, and no
other relationship shall have preeminence above ours, that you are my source in
and through all things, and that  there is nothing else I can turn to or hope in. I
pray that I can be an example of Christian discipleship to others, and I can give
an answer at all times for the hope I have. My hope is in you oh Lord, and the
sanctity of my relationship with you Father, with Jesus your Son, and the Living
Holy Spirit who you sent to dwell within me. I thank you oh Lord, that you would
take up residence in me, your most lowly of servants and vessels. God I pray that
your Spirit never departs from me, and that I am open to hear the leadings and
guiding of the Spirit. God I praise you and worship you, all in Jesus name I pray.
Amen Amen  Amen.