Prayer for financial need
Below is a formated prayer, where you fill in the names and
circumstances which apply directly to you as you pray, or print it off
and write it in, copy it to your computer type in the names and pray
as led, and share and or modify it as necessary. Always be led by
God and Father I know that I have sinned and my life is stained by my own
choices, and by the world of sin that I live in. God forgive me of my
unrighteousness. God I thank you for who you are, you are great and that I turn
now, it is you who I recognize as the source of all that I am and can ever be. God
I know I am nothing without you, and can be of no worth without the Lord Jesus in
my life. God I pray you are the Lord of my life, and Lord of every aspect of my life
including my finances. God I stand in need of financial blessing, I feel trapped
and that the debts I owe outweigh my ability to pay. SO I Lord call upon you to
bless me to take care of these bills
God may it be done any way; God if you will me to work and pay-God make a
way, God if you will show me favor that someone may help to pay, God if you will
bless me with the debt to be forgiven, God if you will it bless me with miraculous
financial gain. God whatever you will, I will walk and abide in it, I will praise you
for it, I submit that I currently have $_____________________, but you are the
one who gives the ability to make wealth, and that I will not love money, but
posses it, to further your purpose and kingdom in my life and the life of those you
put in my path. And no matter what the world may call me, I am
____, your child, and your adopted, heir and coheir with Christ Jesus in your
riches and glory. God I thank you for all you are going to do in my life to provide
for me in every area of my life, God you are good, you are more than worthy of all
praise, love, and adoration. God I thank you so much for giving me my daily
bread, providing all my needs met to the full. I know Father your word says that,
you give seed for sowing and bread for eating, so even as you grant seeds into
my life I will sow, and bless others as you lead, I will listen and plant were you tell
me to, I will give offerings of love and gifts to those you direct. God I understand I
am merely a steward of what you give to me, and that I am to follow what you tell
me to do. God your principles are based upon reaping and sowing, that I shall
reap what I have sown, and those who sow sparingly shall also reap sparingly.
God my finances are yours. God bless me that I might not horde your blessings,
but that I might also be a blessing in your name, and for your glory. I pray and
believe this in Jesus name Amen Amen Amen.