Prayer Can Help Ministries
Mission of the Church: 1 Cor 14:22-26
United in the Holy Spirit for victory!
The mission of Prayer Can Help Ministries is:
Operating in God's will and way, manifesting His love to the
world through His people.
Developing valid and vibrant ministries on fire for the Lord
Jesus, that present the Church of the Bible to the modern
world in a loving Christian manner.
Strengthening, developing, and encouraging those in the
family of faith.
Drawing to Jesus, teaching the gospel, and covering in
prayer those not yet committed to God.
Vision of the Church: Heb 10:24-25
Jesus Christ is Lord!
The vision of Prayer Can Help Ministries is to:
Develop Christian Disciples using the disciplines of
prayer, reading of the Word, fasting, praise, worship,
and fellowship.
Bring the love of Christ to individuals where they are
so that the Spirit of the Lord may grow them up to be
who God purposed them to be.
Take the Kingdom into our hearts and going out into
the world to share Jesus through outreach and
Message from Ben:
One of the hopes and dreams that God has placed in Nichole and I is to partner with men and
women of God to promote His Kingdom and His will in the earth. That together we shall grow
up this Church to serve God by serving His people. God gives the, "gift of giving." In His word
He says, "He gives seed for sowing." So we stand in faith knowing God will send those here
to plant seed in this Church, which will grow and bless not only the sower, but also those who
are in need. The one who has is to give to those who do not, so no one within the body of
Christ will be in lack, according to the Word of God. We solicit only the gifts God places in
your heart, so in all things pray and obey. Not every seed grows every where, or in every
season. Trust in God and you will be blessed! If you ever have any questions about how your
gifts are used feel free to email or call me directly.

God bless,
Your brother and servant,
Ben Underwood
Prayer Can Help Ministries
Ben and Nichole Underwood
4323 Lawrence Street
Colmar Manor, MD 20722
Vision and Mission statements