Prayer Can Help Ministries
What are you talking about?

they must go and teach others
to obey His teachings. These
teachings and disciplines cover
many aspects of our lives. We
must be willing to be
transformed, allowing our
minds to be renewed. We need
a new mind to fully understand
and accept what Jesus has
done for us.

Romans 6:23 (NLT)  For the wages of
sin is death, but the free gift of God is
eternal life through Christ Jesus our
What is Salvation?
Why is the bible so important?

There are many so called "holy" books, so what
makes the bible so special? Well the bible was not
written by one man at one time or even very close
together, the writings span over 2000 years. The
prophecies written hundreds of years earlier are
fulfilled later in and recorded for us to see. The
bible is based on a tangible geographical region
that is still present today. The scriptures all fit
together and point towards one man and one
hope, Jesus Christ. The bible was under attack
from its completion in the early years of the
Church until now, but it survives. The bible
teaches us truth with painful and sometimes hard
lessons that are relevant and real now. There is
prophecy about the world today that is being
fulfilled before our eyes. The bible is the Word of
God given to us to save us and guide us.
Which bible do I use?

Aside from these two points above there are several points in Christianity that
are important to know and understand. To the left are the videos from a sermon
Please, please, please, do not ever feel like you need to go at this thing alone. If
you have any questions or concerns, contact us and let us know. We will be
happy to pray with you, discuss with you, and share whatever we can to help you
grow in your relationship with Jesus.

All of us have to start somewhere and if you need help, that is a good thing!
Being humble enough to realize that some of this is beyond you (I know some is
beyond me!) allows the Spirit of God to train you and open your mind and heart
to what God is trying to tell you. If you don't have a local Church where you can
fellowship check out and see if our Distance Discipleship Program would be
right for you.

Be blessed in Jesus name,
Your brother and sister,
Ben and Nichole
watch the video below and pray with us!